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United Left

United Left’s political stances on domestic policy issues

Domestic Policy issues

Should Catalonia become an independent state? stats discuss

United Left’s answer: No Source

Should teachers be allowed to carry guns at school? stats discuss

United Left voters: No Source

Should the government be able to monitor phone calls and emails? stats discuss

United Left’s answer: No Source

Should it be illegal to burn our national flag? stats discuss

United Left voters: No Source

Should the government fund rehabilitation programs for domestic violence offenders? stats discuss

United Left’s answer: Yes Source

Should there be term limits set for members of Congress? stats discuss

United Left’s answer: Yes, term limits will increase performance and prevent corruption Source

Should the government regulate social media sites, as a means to prevent fake news and misinformation? stats discuss

United Left voters: No Source

Do you prefer a monarchy or republican system of government? stats discuss

United Left voters: Republican Source

Should the government pass laws which protect whistleblowers? stats discuss

United Left voters: Yes Source

Are you in favor of decriminalizing drug use? stats discuss

United Left’s answer: Yes, and retroactively reduce sentences for those already serving time Source

Should the power of the Senate be transferred to regional councils? stats discuss

United Left’s answer: Yes, the Senate is dysfunctional and does little to represent local communities Source

Should internet service providers be allowed to speed up access to popular websites (that pay higher rates) at the expense of slowing down access to less popular websites (that pay lower rates)? stats discuss

United Left voters: No Source

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